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Through a deep understanding of customer needs, we run a successful global business. Our manufactured products excel in various industries worldwide and aid in their work and daily lives. Therefore, we count on you for the long term! At our factory in Kecskemét, we pay special attention to digitization and equipment based on modern industry, thereby assisting our colleagues in their daily production tasks.


We are proud to bring innovations to both the medical and caregiving sectors as well as the furniture industry. Making our customers’ lives easier is a matter of heart for all of us. Our manufacturing culture follows the mindset of continuous improvement: we share our experiences, provide feedback, and encourage our colleagues to commit to continuous learning and development.

What we represent

With our colleagues, we create the next generation of healthcare and comfort industries by manufacturing and assembling premium-grade lifting structures and lifting motors for our customers. Our vision drives us to elevate both hospital care and office work, leisure to a higher level. We are proud of our spirit, our products, and the commitment of our colleagues who make the world a little better every day through our manufactured products.