The functional design of the OKIMAT 4 RF BT ensures excellent operating convenience when controlling and adjusting comfort beds. Users have several options available for operating the stable noise-optimized double drive: It can be operated using one of many OKIN hand-held radio transmitters, thanks to the built-in interference-free radio (2.4 GHz bidirectional) control feature. The drive can also be operated using the built-in Bluetooth chip (for example, with a smartphone or tablet). An LED status indicator shows whether Bluetooth is activated. Visual feedback during the pairing process also enhances the operations. The built-in floor lighting can be optimally controlled using the RF transmitter and a smartphone or tablet.


Safety and efficiency are two more advantages. The built-in electronic overload cut-off prevents any overloads. The connected 9-volt battery makes it possible to return to the sleeping position – at any time without any mains power supply. It can be used globally because of the wide-range voltage input (100 – 240 V/AC).



A small stable housing
Discreet appearance
Wide-range voltage input (100 – 240V/AC) enables global use
Eco-design directive (power consumption < 0.5 W in standby mode)
Electronic overload switch-off
Plug-in power supply cable
Optimized logistics because of smaller housing
Stylish housing
Built-in bidirectional 2.4 GHz radio control
Built-in Bluetooth chip for iOS and Android
LED operating status indicator for Bluetooth
Can be combined with all Okin wireless hand-held transmitters (2.4 GHz bidirectional)
Integrated floor lighting
Optical feedback ensures user-friendly pairing process
Key for reset function


Max. adjustment load per side IPSe 5500N
IPS 6500N
Max. adjustment speed at nominal load IPSe 4,0 mm/sec
IPS 3,3 mm/sec
Max. torque IPSe 432Nm
IPS 468Nm
Stroke length of head section 69 / 74 / 87 mm
Stroke length of foot section 69 / 74 / 87 mm
Fitting dimension length 708 mm
Fitting dimension height 105 mm
Fitting dimension, centre distance 581 -+ 1 mm
Fitting dimension, spindle diameter IPSe 25 mm
IPS 25 / 34 mm
Duty cycle 2 / 18 min
Protection degree IP20
Protection class II
Relative humidity 20 – 95 %
Ambient temperatures 0 to +40 °C
Mains power connection 100 – 240 V/AC
Control unit Built-in radio control
Motor 24 – 29 V DC motors, maintenance-free
Limit shut-off Micro-switch
Housing colour Black RAL 9005
Options External SMPS wide-range power supply
Certificates / Approvals EN 60335-1
EN 62233
EN 55014-1
EN 55014-2