Powerful drive solution for nursing beds and hospital beds

Robust and reliable: Our double drive Dewert DUOMAT 9 is specially designed for use in nursing beds and hospital beds – for both domestic and institutional use. The double drive with its high load capacity of 6000 N per side provides the maximum possible safety and is therefore a solution of choice especially for the heavy-load sector. Thanks to the DUOMAT 9, hospital beds can be operated at a stable and almost activity-independent travel speed. The integrated synchronous control unit lets all drive motors communicate with each other so that they ensure harmonised operation and smooth gentle movement of the hospital beds. With the help of its modern, integrated electronics, the synchronous control unit compensates for even the smallest inaccuracies – a decisive factor for nursing beds and hospital beds with complex movement profiles. In addition, a metal side part reinforcement provides increased stability and ruggedness. The increased housing stability this provides also ensures additional safety and a particularly high level of mechanical stability.

Uncompromising product safety
The material used has fire protection class V0 and was chosen with a focus on product safety. The DUOMAT 9 therefore meets the strict flame retardancy requirements of the U.S. standards of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and therefore can be installed in nursing beds and hospital beds for this market. An additional safety feature is the manual quick-release or emergency lowering of hospital beds. In emergencies or during a power failure for example, the patient can be moved quickly into a horizontal position using a device attached to the drive. Alternatively, depending on requirements, only the head or feet part of the nursing bed or hospital bed can also be lowered separately. The defined switching device also has rotary knobs that lock securely into place, disengages the drive of the bed reliably and moves it into the selected position. An optional Bowden cable connection for quick release enables the hospital bed or nursing bed to be adjusted conveniently without having to reach for the drive.

Maximum flexibility for bed manufacturers

So that Dewert can react faster to customers as manufacturers of nursing beds and hospital beds concerning country-specific customer requirements, the DUOMAT 9 has been equipped with a pluggable mains cable and has an internal wide-range power supply. This allows different supply voltages of nursing beds and hospital beds to always to access the same drive. This also makes it much easier with regard to variety of variants and stocking.

Thanks to the connectvity with other drives and an additional voltage supply for external devices, the DUOMAT 9 is particularly versatile as well. If the nursing bed or hospital bed will have complex movement profiles, manufacturers are able to easily connect up to two further drives. The voltage supply of the DUOMAT 9 can be used to expand the nursing beds and hospital beds, for example, with an external floor lighting system or Bluetooth® application. Furthermore, the double drive is particularly flexible in specific practical applications thanks to an optional rechargeable battery with the integrated charging circuit. Due to the capability of easily retrofitting the drive with a rechargeable battery at any time, nursing beds and hospital beds remain fully functional during a power failure.

Quick and easy software adaptations

An external programming or flash port is available as an extra configuration for the DUOMAT 9. This provides advantages for the production of nursing beds and hospital beds. It allows updates as well as specific adaptations in consultation with the customer to be made more quickly and cost-efficiently. This option makes it possible to directly and quickly adapt the bed drive system on site; the optimisation loops in the bed development department and the drive design have been reduced considerably in terms of time and costs.



  • powerful successor to the DUOMAT 7 with enhanced performance and functionality as well as increased safety
  • SMPS and pluggable mains cable; usable world-wide
  • high mechanical stability thanks to side plate
  • numerous optionally retrofittable equipment details and options
  • efficient use


SMPS – Global use constant load-independent travel speed
Increased load capacity increased safety
can also be used in heavy-load sector
Material (stability / flame retardancy) increased stability due to metal side part reinforcement
UL acceptance –> USA / Canada export possible
Quick-release / emergency lowering ER increased safety due to switchable and securely engaging rotary knobs
optional Bowden cable connection for convenient operation
head and feet lowering can be switched separately
Rechargeable battery with the integrated charging circuit optional, simple retrofit to any DUOMAT 9
need-based equipment with charging circuit
Retrofittable floor lighting system optional, simple retrofit to any DUOMAT 9
integrated solution; thereby reducing the wiring effort
Pluggable mains cable reduced variety of variants
quick reaction to country-specific customer needs
quick and easy software adaptations using the external programming port
voltage supply for external devices (e.g. lamps)
integrated bend protection for mains cable, motor cable and hand switch cable


Performance data
Load capacity 6000 N max. 4500 N on each side (for safety reasons, no pull force)
Adjustment speed 1 max. 6.5 mm/sec.
Stroke length back rest: 87 mm
leg rest: 69 mm
Fitting dimension installation length: 714 mm
component height: 119 mm
axle distance: 581 mm (+/- 3 mm)
axle diameter: 25 mm
Duty cycle 2/18 min. or 10 %, max. 5 switching cycles per minute
Control unit relay control
Motor voltage maintenance-free 24 V DC motor
Limit switch with micro switch
Housing colour light grey RAL 7035
Supply cable pluggable:
GB-plug, grey, spiralled, 1960 mm, PVC
GB-plug, grey, spiralled, 2460 mm, PVC
GB-plug with earthing, grey, spiralled, 1960 mm, PVC
USA-plug, grey, straight, 4000 mm, PVC
USA-plug with earthing, grey, straight, 4000 mm, PVC
AUS-plug, grey, spiralled, 1960 mm, PVC
AUS-plug with earthing, grey, spiralled, 1960 mm, PVC
JAP-plug, grey, straight, 4000 mm, PVC
JAP-plug with earthing, grey, straight, 4000 mm, PVC
earthing pin plug, grey, straight, 3000 mm, PVC
earthing pin plug, grey, spiralled, 1960 mm, PVC
contour plug, grey, spiralled, 1960 mm, PVC
SMPS yes
Further data
Connectivity 2 connections for drives 2
connections for rechargeable battery: 1
connections for operating elements: 1
connections for locking device: 1
Protection type IPX4
Protection class II
Relative humidity 30% – 75%
Ambient temperature +10°C – +40°C
Power supply wide input voltage range 100-240 V AC
Safety single-fault protected


Performance data
Fitting dimension axis diameter: 34 mm
Control unit microprocessor control „FURNIBUS”, synchronous control unit
Position feedback Hall sensor
Transformer / Transformer type toroidal transformer 155 VA
Further data
Quick release / Retracting function 3 electrical retracting function (9 V block battery)
Equipment options rechargeable battery operation, floor lighting system fittable from outside
Certificate 60601-1 3rd Edition

1 depending on the drive configuration and the control components which are used

2 (example, depending on control unit type)

3 Retracting function: The clutch of the lowering function must be open during the entire downward movement.