Powerful with outstanding mechanical stability: this is the OKIMAT 4 (cable version). This double drive has a stylish housing that has been optimized for logistics. The operations are very quiet. The built-in electronic overload cut-off for the double drive prevents any overloads. A reset function is available on request. The connected 9-volt battery makes it possible to return to the sleeping position – at any time and independent of the mains power supply.

The double drive has a built-in switched-mode power supply unit. It can be used globally because of the wide-range voltage input (100 to 240 V/AC). The efficient and stylish OKIMAT 4 (cable version) is designed in compliance with the Eco-design directive. The power consumption in standby mode is less than 0.5 watts.


When used with the HE150 pluggable control unit, the functional range is extended with Bluetooth, memory function, massage and MFP (multi-functional port). Other components can also be plugged in separately: such as the radio (2.4 GHz bidirectional) and Bluetooth controller. On request, the double drive can be equipped with an adapter plate/mounting plate.



A small stable housing
Discreet appearance
Wide-range voltage input (100 – 240V/AC) enables global use
Eco-design directive (power consumption < 0.5 W in standby mode)
Electronic overload switch-off
Pluggable mains power cord
Optimized logistics because of smaller housing
Stylish housing
Pluggable bidirectional 2.4 GHz radio control
Pluggable Bluetooth control for iOS and Android
Control unit (HE150) with radio wave, Bluetooth, memo, massage and MFP port)


Max. adjustment load per side OM4-IPSe 4500N
OM4-IPS 6000N
Max. adjustment speed at nominal load IPSe 4,0 mm/sec
IPS 3,3 mm/sec
Max. torque OM4-IPSe 324Nm
OM4-IPS 432Nm
Stroke length of head section 69 / 74 / 87 mm
Stroke length of foot section 69 / 74 / 87 mm
Fitting dimension length 708 mm
Fitting dimension height 105 mm
Fitting dimension, centre distance 581 -+ 1 mm
Fitting dimension, spindle diameter OM4-IPSe 25mm
OM4-IPS 25 / 34mm
Duty cycle 2/18 min
Protection degree IP20
Protection class II
Relative humidity 20 – 95 %
Ambient temperatures 0 to +40 °C
Mains power connection 100-240 V/AC
Control unit Relay control
Motor 24 – 29 V DC motors, maintenance-free
Limit shut-off Micro-switch
Housing colour Black RAL 9005
Options Relay control
External SMPS wide-range power supply
Adapter plate for mounting of external RF control units
Configuration options Adapter plate for Okimat 4/Mounting plate
Certificates / Approvals EN 60335-1
EN 62233
EN 55014-1
EN 55014-2